Top 10 Apps to Limit Screen Time for Student in 2022

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You can do almost anything with your smartphone. You can complete once-complicated tasks like ordering groceries or paying your bills in minutes.

You may be worried about how much time you spend on your phone if you are like many others. That is when apps to limit screen time comes in!!!

These premium and free apps can help you manage your screen time. This app will help keep your children safe online and give them peace of mind. Parents can’t control everything. Many undesirable contents can get past parental controls.

You can track how much time you spend browsing websites and apps with screen time. Screen time apps allow you to limit or block screen time, access real-time reports on how your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is used, and even set limits if necessary to make studying easier. In this article, we will be listing the ten best apps to limit screen time in 2022.

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Top 10 top 10 apps to limit screen time

Below are the best apps to limit screen time for adults in 2022

Top 10 Apps to Limit Screen Time for Student

1. Flipd

Flipd may be the app you’re looking for if you need to reduce screen time. After you have locked an app for a set period, you can’t go back. It is impossible to disable an app by restarting the phone! It’s hardcore!!

2. Forest

The Forest app lets you plant seeds and watch them grow into trees. However, your trees will die if you use social media on your smartphone. Apps are a reward system. This app is excellent for people who like virtual rewards. This is one of the best apps to limit screen time for adults

3. Lilspace

Lilspace shows how much you use your phone and has in-app community support. There are PERKS from some participating businesses that have incentives to help you quit your devices. Some will even reward you by donating money to charities.

4. Space

Space can help you set goals to ensure you are more aware of how much screen time is used. You will be asked questions about your smartphone usage when you first set it up.
Space makes it personal to you by setting a screen to unlock and time goals. The area will send you notifications and reward your achievements with badges once you reach your goals..

5. Offtime

This app can block social media, games, and text messages. This app allows you to control what information can be accessed at specific times, such as Family Time, Work Time, and Me Time.
6. FocusMe
FocusMe allows you to quickly block specific websites and apps, just like other apps. You can also stop an app FOREVER if it is essential.
FocusMe reminds you to take breaks throughout your day. Parents can also use this app to limit their children’s time on certain games or restrict the sites they are allowed access to. The app costs $9 per month.

7. Self Control

Self Control is available only to IOS users. This one is only for IOS. It can block websites and your email server from being accessed.

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This allows you to create a blacklist of sites you wish to block and then will enable you to set a time limit. Even if your computer is restarted or the application is deleted, you cannot access what has been blocked. It’s great.

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8. Cold Turkey

This app is perfect for those who want to quit smoking cold turkey. This browser extension allows you to set time limits for blocking web pages, the entire Internet, or your computer.
Another exciting feature is the writer function. This forces you to complete your paper before you can do any other work. This is great news for bloggers, students, and writers.

9. Off The Grid

This app is for people who have difficulty staying away from their phones. Off The Grid blocks your phone for as long as you like. The app will charge $1 each time you use the app to stop you from using your phone after activation. YIKES. This is one of the best app to limit screen time for adults.

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10. Freedom

Although the Freedom app was initially designed for Mac users, it is now available for iPhones and iPads. Freedom allows you to create blocklists and schedule time away.
This one has my favorite feature: you can create custom blocklists across your devices. The free trial is available, but after that, you will need to pay $7 per month or $29 for an entire year to access all the features.

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