Top 10 Universities in Florida with No Application Fee in 2022

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
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Millions of students around the globe dream of completing their degrees online every year. Many outstanding online universities and colleges offer hundreds of high-quality programs. It isn’t easy to narrow down your choices and choose the one that best suits you.

Scholarshipworld will discuss and list Florida online colleges that don’t require an application fee in this article. More than 200 online colleges in Florida offer programs that are entirely online. This allows for around 150,000 students from all over the globe to enroll.

These online programs offer educational opportunities for many people around the globe who may not have the chance to receive education at no cost.

These online programs allow anyone to earn a degree while still fulfilling their responsibilities. It would be an opportunity to learn more about the Top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee in 2022.

About Florida

Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” because of its sunny days. Florida is known for its warm, tropical climate and sunny days. The average winter low temperature is in the 50s and 60s, depending on where you live. You’ll often find temperatures in the 80s during the hottest part of the year.

Palm trees and beaches dominate the landscape. Florida is home to many orange and grapefruit groves. You’ll be more likely to see an alligator if you go into swampy areas like the Florida Everglades (3 million acres).

It’s also home to Disney World, one of the most well-recognized amusement parks on the planet. You can also find Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Sea World in the state.

The Kennedy Space Center gave the central Atlantic Coast its nickname, The Space Coast. Since 1968, crewed space missions have been launched from this location. There is also an extensive collection of memorabilia.

Why Study in Florida?

Top 10 Universities in Florida with No Application Fee

Florida is the top pick for international students who want to study in the United States – 7th most popular. These are the Top Ten Reasons why they chose Florida.

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1. Perfect ClimateFlorida is known as the Sunshine State because of its perfect climate. While the average annual high temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the average annual low temperature is a comfortable 16 degrees Celsius.

2. InternationalWe’ll make you feel right at home. Our international student support team is highly skilled in academic advising, career counseling, and more than 1000 student organizations.

3. Quality EducationFlorida’s colleges offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees and English language and pathways programs.

4. Program DiversityFlorida schools offer more than 150 undergraduate and 200+ graduate programs and dozens of certificate programs.

5. Institution Diversity12 universities, six major medical schools, and many private colleges and universities are available in various sizes, structures, and settings: small or large; private or public; rural or urban; 2 or 4 years.

6. Smooth transitionFlorida’s network of colleges and universities allows students to transfer quickly from 2-year community colleges into four-year universities.

7. AffordabilityMany international students are shocked to discover that they can study in Florida at a top-quality institution at a fraction of the cost of students studying elsewhere. Florida is the sixth-lowest tuition state in the U.S.A. Linkage Programs offer in-state tuition.

8. Social LifeFlorida has a wide range of arts, history, and culture. Florida hosts many international festivals, prominent art exhibitions, famous entertainers, and touring Broadway shows. It also has unique shopping experiences and white sandy beaches.

There are thousands of lakes and regional parks. You can enjoy a wide range of cultural attractions, top-notch theme parks, and sports events, making it a rewarding and well-rounded lifestyle.

9. Cost of LivingFlorida’s low cost of living makes it possible to enjoy the many activities mentioned above.

10. EmploymentStudents can find internships or career opportunities in various industries, including aerospace and aviation and financial and professional services.

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Top Universities in Florida with No Application Fee

Below are Florida colleges with no application fee or online schools with free application fee:

1. Florida Institute of Technology

Firstly on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Florida Institute of Technology. Florida Tech is a top-ranked global research university. It was rated as a Tier One Best National University in U.S. News and World Report. Florida Tech is surrounded by organizations such as SpaceX, Northrop Grumman Harris Corporation, Boeing, and NASA. This means that Florida Tech understands the importance of hands-on experience, cutting-edge research, and high-tech innovation.

Many of our graduates work full-time for these international companies as computer scientists, ocean engineers, and aeronautical engineers. They also use their skills as physicists and astrobiologists.

Florida Tech students are hardworking and enjoy playing hard. The beachside community has over 300 days of sunshine. You can learn where the rest of the world vacations from here.

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2. Miami International University of Art & Design

Secondly on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Miami International University of Art & Design. Miami International University of Art & Design, a for-profit university, is located in Miami. The institution has 593 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate at Miami International University of Art & Design is 100%.

Fashion and Apparel Merchandising is a popular major. Interior Design and Fashion and Apparel Design are also popular. Alumni of Miami International University of Art & Design graduate 25% of their students and earn a starting income of $24,900.

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3. Florida Southern College

Thirdly on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Florida Southern College. Florida Southern College is a leader in engaging learning. Our hands-on learning environment offers students performance, research, and service learning opportunities. We have been ranked among America’s top colleges in the U.S. by Forbes, US News & World Report, and The Fiske Guide. Each student has the chance to work at well-respected companies and study abroad.

Our campus, which is 113 acres and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has been ranked the #1 “most beautiful” college in the country for two consecutive years by The Princeton Review. It attracts students from across the country. We invite you to explore the best of Florida Southern and Central Florida.

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4. Stetson University

Thirdly on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Stetson University. Stetson University uses an interdisciplinary liberal arts approach to education that allows you to design your education.

Our professors will work side-by-side with you to improve your intellectual resources, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to prepare you for whatever path you choose.

We are confident that you will enjoy a rewarding journey of academic exploration and engaging experiential learning opportunities through the Stetson Experience.

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5. Rollins College

Also on our list of top 10 colleges in Florida with no application fee is Rollins College. Life-changing adventure. The ability to acquire knowledge and skills will stand the test of age—one of the most respected guides in the world.

This online schools with no application fee will provide a unique college experience that allows you to take advantage of endless opportunities to use your education in the real world.

You will be free to pursue what matters to you, but you will never be alone. An entire network of mentors is available to help you navigate every turn.

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6. New College of Florida

Also on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is New College of Florida. Explore a public science and arts education tailored to your career goals, academic interests, and learning style. N.C.F. is the state’s honors college. It prepares intellectually curious students to live a life of extraordinary achievement on a tranquil bayfront campus. From day one, career engagement is integrated. Alums continue to pursue outstanding careers and top graduate degrees.

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You can choose from more than 50 majors spanning the sciences, mathematics, and arts. You can also design your concentration and explore professions like data science, public policy, and environmental studies. Our professors don’t give grades; instead, they provide in-depth narrative assessments each semester that tell your story (just as in the professional world). You’ll receive personal attention, engage in hands-on research, and be able to expand your interests through independent projects.

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7. Atlantic Technical College

Also on our list of top 10 colleges with no application fee or online colleges no application fee in Florida is Atlantic Technical College. Atlantic Technical College, a highly-rated public college in Coconut Creek, Florida, is located in the Miami Area. It has a small enrollment of 2543 undergraduate students. Atlantic Technical College accepts 100%.

Popular majors include Licensed Practical Nurse Training, HVAC and Refrigeration Engineering Technician, Culinary Arts, and Food Service. Atlantic Technical College graduates make a median starting salary of $29,000.

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8. Florida Memorial University

Also on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Florida Memorial University. Florida Memorial University is a university that leaves no stone unturned. Our spirit is embodied in our lion mascot, and that spirit drives our legacy. F.M.U. has had the privilege to offer quality education to students since 1879, thanks to its founders’ courage and our students’ determination.

F.M.U. is proud to be at the intersection between culture and community. It offers undergraduate and graduates degrees to students from various socio-economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

F.M.U., South Florida’s only historically black college, is dedicated to creating a new generation that will benefit the national, local, and global economies. F.M.U. has thousands of alumni and produces outstanding educators, communicators, and artists.

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9. Indian River State College

Indian River State College is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. It has a small enrollment of 4803 undergraduate students.

Indian River State accepts 100%. Business, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Nursing are the most popular majors. Indian River State graduates are 43% more likely to graduate than their peers and earn a starting income of $25,000.

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10. Galen College of Nursing – Tampa Bay

Lastly on our list of top 10 universities in Florida with no application fee is Galen College of Nursing – Tampa Bay. Galen College-Tampa Bay is a private college in St. Petersburg, Florida. It has 1,470 undergraduate students. The Galen College Tampa Bay accept rate is 100%.

The most popular majors are Nursing and Licensed Practical Nurse Training. Galen College – Tampa Bay alums have a 57% graduation rate and a starting salary of $42,200.

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