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Information on the teaching in China

China has been for a long time a highly sought-after location to teach English in other countries. With a large population, growing demand for English and a distinctive and fascinating cultural scene, China offers both the possibilities and excitement that English teachers are looking for.
In most of China and especially in cities with large populations, English is the primary second language for most Chinese Nationals. Schools in the public sector begin to teach English beginning in the 3rd grade (sometimes beginning as early as the 1st), and Chinese students are required to take numerous tests that test English grammar of their high and middle school years.
Private businesses have also established English Language Learner (ELL) schools and centers in crowded zones where students are encouraged to take part in any educational endeavor. Apart from the private ELL school, China features competitive teaching positions in international schools as well as openings at their public schools across the country.
To instruct English in China, Teachers will require a bachelor’s degree as well as TEFL certification or at minimum two years of teaching experience. The median salary for teachers in China is between $1,400 and $2200 per month. Certain private schools and international schools pay wages ranging from $2800 to 4300 dollars per month.

Different types of teaching jobs in China

Notice: Many jobs offer free benefits, such as flight reimbursement housing, TEFL certification visa fees, Chinese lessons. If you’re an income lower than the upper end of the spectrum, make sure to have one of these advantages.

Private Language Academies/Schools

What is different from public and international schools in the growing private ELL firms. They compete against each other to earn money and are constantly recruiting fresh English teachers. These companies include Wall Street EnglishEF (Education First), Long man Schools and many others. Be aware that your student’s age may differ by the place you select to work. Some companies offer only adult classes, while others are geared towards teaching youngsters.
The advantage of taking the teaching position with an individual company located in China will be that you’ll receive an array of support services and a pre-determined curriculum and guidelines on how to run your class. If you’ve got little or no experience in teaching English abroad, working with an individual company could ease your worries somewhat since you’ll get assistance along the way. However, private schools are keen on expanding and making profits, which means you’ll be seen as not just an educator but as part of a more significant business. If you’re not averse to following corporate rules and regulations, working for an ELL school that is privately owned can be beneficial as there’s always an opportunity for expansion inside the company.
Private ESL schools in China typically charge higher than public schools. However, they also require more extended hours. The classes you teach will be smaller that range from 5 to 20 students, mainly in the evenings and during weekends. The ESL businesses are not for profit and place lots in the way of teachers to ensure that the parents who pay are satisfied. Being employed by that ESL institution is one of the most straightforward options to secure an opportunity to teach English in China. Most firms offer a variety of options, from the largest cities in China to smaller and less cosmopolitan cities. As teachers, you’ll be able to choose your preferred location, and some companies allow you to move to a different city after some time in case you want to relocate to an alternative location.

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Public Schools

Schools that are public in China might have lower tuition rates than private language schools. However, English teachers are also less occupied and enjoy more frequent and longer-lasting holidays. The majority of teachers reside on campus or in apartments close to the school. They are eating lunch in the cafeteria at school and are involved in school activities such as sporting events and talent shows. The class sizes will be more significant, with as many as 50 students in a class. Schools will typically employ foreign teachers as a supplement to an English oral teacher, which means you could rarely teach a significant proportion of students. You’ll also need to develop the lesson plan yourself and could be granted a lot of freedom in the selection of topics and methods of teaching.
The process of finding a job in an elementary school that is public could be a bit more challenging and less secure as compared to working with an ESL company due to the fact that most schools aren’t well-versed with visa-related paperwork. A lot of English teachers depend on an agent to assist in locating jobs and bargain to schools from China. Teaching in a public institution is a fulfilling experience, but it also comes with a lower level of a security net in the event that the school is trying to exploit the fact that you are an immigrant.
If you’re applying for a public school by an open advertisement, remember that if the experience you have had is not as you’d like, it might be difficult to end the school legally. Many teachers who school directly employ locate recruiters even while they are working in China. This gives you a chance to visit your school and talk to the administrators before signing the contract.
In essence, most public schools provide less help and support during the application process, but if you’ve got extensive teaching experience internationally or are fluent in Chinese or Chinese, a position at a public school could be the best alternative for you.

Private Lessons

A lot of teachers also have freelance jobs as tutors in private for wealthy families or companies. There is a great demand for one-on-one English tutoring, particularly for students of all ages and adults. Students. Private tutoring can be done with little preparation and is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra cash while in China. The easiest method to secure an instructor position is to make connections once you’ve been accepted into China.

What is the best time and place to look for jobs in China?

teaching in china

teaching in china

If you’ve not been to Asia previously, the job of China is a huge enough undertaking for most. You’ll need to determine the amount of the challenge you’re willing to take on.
Living in cities like ShanghaiBeijing, and Hong Kong will bring lots of excitement and moments of culture shock. Still, you’re likely to encounter the most popular foreign conveniences everywhere you go, import food chains, toiletries with international cuisine, as well as help with a translation in the event that you’re having difficulty getting around.
If you’re looking to live in an environment that is more challenging, Try exploring other provinces. You’ll discover lush scenery with less traffic and people who are happy to welcome travelers to their towns.
For more information on the best places to live, please take a peek at our top 10 list of the top cities in China for teaching abroad.
If you’re looking online for teaching positions in China, It can be difficult to locate an employer or a school that you can trust. It’s much more difficult in the event that the majority of the websites you visit have been written in Chinese. Companies that recruit like Reach To TeachCIEE and Set in China can aid by creating a custom search for the job that you’re interested in and following up with additional details or suggestions when you narrow your search for a job.
Naturally, the institution where you’ll instruct will offer you a distinct experience from other schools. For example, the international schools of China typically offer higher wages than other schools, but they’re highly competitive. Because most Chinese International schools are on their websites, it is easy to discover which schools are offering English teaching positions.
While schools in China employ English teachers throughout the year, the busiest hiring season is November. The start date is in February. But, you can get hired and start your teaching position within just a month! Start by searching through Go Overseas’ job board. Jobs on the Go overseas boards.

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The required qualifications to teach in China.

To legally be employed in China you must have an undergraduate degree and the TEFL certification or a passport issued by a native English spoken country, and criminal background checks. If you don’t have a teacher’s certificate but, there are many programs that offer a free TEFL certification as part of their benefits package.
Suppose you don’t possess an identity card from a native English country (U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa). In that case, You can teach in China when you have at least two years of experience in teaching and are a qualified teacher in your country of origin.

China Work Visa & Sponsorship

Be aware that getting a Chinese job visa (Z visa) could be a bit stressful and a bit costly; however, when you have the proper documentation and an experienced school, the process of obtaining a work visa is easy. The school will send you an acceptance letter and assist you in getting an employment permit. Alongside the work visa you will need in China, and you’ll need the residence permit as well as medical proof that you are not suffering from TB, HIV, and any other drugs. Be sure to check your contract for teaching to find out the school’s policy on paying for your visa as well as the costs associated with it, as every school has its own rules.

Salary and Cost of Living in China

The salaries of teachers can be very different in China, dependent on the school type and the teacher’s expertise. The median pay for a first-year ESL School teacher in China is $1200 monthly, with housing included. If you earn more than $1,600 for a first-timer teacher, the housing cost is not likely to be included. If you are hired as a teacher of English in a private international school, your payment is likely to be between $2,800 and 4300 dollars per month. Some schools will also provide an uninvolved departure and arrival flight to China.
A typical apartment for rent is about $350-$650 per month and includes utilities, depending on the quality of your city and whether you live with roommates. Remember that you’ll need to pay for five months’ rent in advance. Spend between $6 and $15 a day on meals, based on the city you live in, plus additional money for excellent meals and drinks.
Check out our complete guide to the salaries of teachers for teachers in China.

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The Work-Life Culture of China

teaching in china

Student Teacher Relations with Students

In the majority of cases, students in China consider the foreign English teachers as an enjoyable change from their regular classes. They are expecting that you will appear more relaxed, welcoming and entertaining than colleagues. This could lead to some students not paying attention to class or trying to complete homework in the class.
In the case of kids, teachers are able to be more involved. Don’t hesitate to hold your children or play games with them. There is a lot of expectation that international teachers bring “new and innovative Western methods of learning” into the classroom. This means you have to continually develop new games, experiment with new ways of teaching and bring variety to the test-driven learning environment.

Dress Code Code

The dress code for teachers in China is extremely casual, especially during the winter months when classes are cold. Many teachers dress up in jeans in classes. Ladies teaching students of a certain age make sure not to expose too much skin. Although some female teachers wear dresses and skirts that are short, their chests and shoulders remain covered.


In China, many salute you with a smile or a handshake. Being a foreigner, a lot of Chinese individuals, particularly men, are likely to shake hands with you because they recognize it as an accepted Western greeting. When in a professional setting, If you wish to make an impression, make sure you hand over and accept all business cards and documents with two hands. Although it isn’t expected, however, it can indeed be noticed by people in the area!

Work Culture

In China, the pace of life is always at the last minute. Don’t anticipate knowing the exact time of your trip only a few days before the date, which can create a stressful planning process and cost. Also, keep in mind that schedules can change without very little notice. Don’t be surprised when you get a text message at 8 am and asks you to go to school in 20 minutes.
Additionally, some schools, specifically public schools, suffer from poor communication. They may fail to provide you with information on dates, times, and important events, leading to missing classes and discontent. The good news is that most schools will be understanding and gracious for not informing you of a change in your schedule. This is a huge problem for teachers from a culture in which schedules are created months ahead of time.

Tips for Teaching abroad in China

After arriving in China, you’ll become a part of the extremely welcoming community of ex-pats, make beneficial connections, and gain direct advice on teaching. Most English teachers who go to China begin with one task but then decide to try something else after learning what they like best.
Be aware that, while no job can last forever, if the company or school grants you an employment visa and you’re in contract, they may be able to keep you in the program, which could prevent you from getting an employment opportunity for a time. So, when looking for a teaching position in China, make sure you choose one where you feel you’ll be the happiest.

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