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Enthusiastic students have an excellent way to control their money by applying for Stevens institute of technology scholarship.

The chance to learn is there for international students to complete an undergraduate program at Stevens Institute of Technology.

In this article, we will provide detailed instructions about how one can apply for the Stevens institute of technology scholarships.

About Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship

Stevens offers a variety of merit scholarships each year to our top students. You automatically qualify to be eligible for Stevens merit scholarships once you have been accepted. No further application is required except for the exceptions listed below.

This merit institute scholarships are available between $5,000 and the full cost of tuition (scholarships cannot exceed the tuition cost). If you’re awarded a Stevens merit award, it can be renewed each year for a total of 8 full-time undergraduate semesters as long as you fulfill the requirements for renewal.

Benefits of Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship

Stevens Institute of Technology will pay tuition fees for students from abroad who are eligible to study and enroll in the United States.

Eligibility of Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship

To be eligible for this Stevens institute of technology scholarship, you must

  • You must be an accepted graduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • In an accredited degree program and attend classes full-time.
  • Make sure you meet your Satisfactory Academic Progress and other merit criteria for scholarship renewal (if required) so that you can renew the scholarship if you are returning student.
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What Scholarships Are Offered?

Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship

Below are Stevens institute of technology financial aid for student who need financial assistance. This scholarship is also for Stevens institute of technology international students

1. The Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship

This award is Stevens the most prestigious academic prize named in honor of the deceased Mrs. Neupauer, a generous supporter of Stevens University. This is a 4-year full tuition scholarship available to undergraduate students. The award is renewable for a maximum of eight full-time undergraduate semesters as long as you maintain satisfactory academic standards and a minimum grade point average of 3.2.


2. The Edwin A. Stevens Scholarship

This scholarship was named in honor of the founder of the Stevens Institute of Technology. It is given to students with demonstrated excellence in their high school education and can be verified by grades, transcripts, standardized test scores, and recommendations.

This scholarship is available to those who meet the criteria. Edwin A. Stevens Scholarship is awarded for four consecutive years (or the equivalent of eight full-time semesters) of study at the undergraduate level. It is renewable for as long as you maintain good academic goals.


3. The FIRST Scholarship

If you played on a FIRST team in the junior or senior years of high school, you could be eligible for an award based on merit worth $6,000 annually. The FIRST Scholarship is renewable for a period of eight full-time undergraduate classes, provided you have made satisfactory academic performance. The award will require an additional application within the timeframe for the plan of action the student chooses. Incoming first-year students who wish to apply can visit the FIRST website:


4. The Martha Bayard Stevens Scholarship

The scholarship is open to exceptional young women pursuing any subject at Stevens. It is based on academic achievements and the ability to lead.

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This scholarship is the Martha Bayard Stevens Scholarship, which is given over four years (or the equivalent of eight semesters full-time) of undergraduate studies and is renewed as long as you maintain a satisfactory academic standing.


5. The Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious accomplishment for students who show academic excellence, as demonstrated by their transcripts, test scores, and recommendation letters.

This award can be renewed for eight semesters of full-time undergraduate provided you maintain good academic goals and maintain at least a GPA that is 3.2.


6. The Clark Scholarship

Clark Scholarship Clark Scholarship supports students who participate in The A. James Clark Scholars program. The Clark Scholars Program is an only invitation-only program designed for outstanding students who are enthusiastic about “making a difference.”

The invitations are only extended when the student is accepted. The award is renewable for up to eight semesters of full-time college if the student continues to fulfill all academic and service conditions of the program, full-time enrollment, acceptable academic performance, and an average GPA of 3.2.

Since the eligibility requirements for Clark Scholars Program is contingent upon financial need, the Clark Scholars Program has a financial need requirement. Clark Scholars are required to submit each of both the FAFSA as well as CSS Profile. CSS Profile by the established deadlines every year.


7. The ROTC Matching Scholarship

Stevens students awarded ROTC Scholarships of $7500 or more will be awarded an additional award from Stevens. The additional amount will be the entire amount which is the difference between ROTC Award (plus any other merit-based scholarships or grants) and the tuition cost. The scholarship is only available for the semesters during which you can be eligible for an ROTC Scholarship.


8. Global Scholarship

Stevens offers a small number of Global Scholarships annually for international students with outstanding academic merit. Students from other countries who want to consider being considered for an institution-wide scholarship must complete their CSS PROFILE on the College Board website. We will inform you if you are awarded the Global Scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for eight semesters of full-time undergraduate if you meet satisfactory academic standards.

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How to Apply for Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship

  • Application Procedure To be eligible for the opportunity, students need to be able to get the step of applying for an undergraduate program at Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens Institute of Technology. Students are required to complete their application form for CSS PROFILE on their College Board website.
  • Additional Documents to Support: Applicants have to go through the documents needed at the institution.
  • Admission requirements for applicants to be admitted, students must verify the admission prerequisites of the program they are interested in.
  • Language requirement English isn’t your first or primary language; you must be able to prove your English proficiency by completing one of the requirements for entry or tests on your language.

What Are the Scholarship Rules?

  1. Only students who are enrolled in the fall semester are eligible as candidates for Stevens merit scholarships.
  2. Merit scholarships are awarded for the cost of tuition, except if stated.
  3. Merit scholarships require full-time attendance.
  4. When the Stevens merit scholarships are canceled or diminished, they cannot be reinstated automatically even if your application meets the minimal future renewal requirements.
  5. If you’re awarded a Stevens merit scholarship and a grant from an outside source other than Stevens, the sum of your scholarship will not exceed the tuition for the entire year. The amount of your Stevens merit scholarship may be cut if your scholarship amount is greater than the tuition cost. The Stevens merit scholarship will be canceled if you are awarded an external award that is equivalent to tuition in full.
  6. Your merit-based scholarship can be renewed for up to eight semesters of full-time undergraduate.

Important Dates

  • Students who are new to the school can finish the CSS PROFILE® and FAFSA before October 1.
  • CSS PROFILE® and FAFSA deadline for students who are enrolled in Early Decision.
  • January 15: CSS PROFILE® and FAFSA deadline for early Decision II students
  • February 15: CSS PROFILE® and FAFSA deadline for regular decision new students
  • April 15: FAFSA prior filing date for students returning to school

Please click here for the state of NJ (HESAA) deadlines for Stevens Institute of Technology Scholarship.

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