Schools That Offer Courses In Voice Acting

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Although there are no specific requirements for voice actors, there are schools that offer courses in voice acting. Check out the schools below.

  • Boston University
  • Temple University
  • University of Connecticut
  • DePaul University
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Nevada
  • University of Washington
  • Ithaca College
  • Texas Christian University

Boston University

Students who are passionate about acting and see the craft of acting and understand its value as a way to approach, comprehend and lighten the complexity of human nature will pursue the BFA in Acting.
This program helps you to develop deep self-awareness and rich intellectual life.
Students are also exposed to Alexander Technique studio classes in movement, voice, and speech. This program provides the foundation for Acting and encourages students to feel a deep connection with themselves.
Schools That Offer Courses In Voice Acting

Schools That Offer Courses In Voice Acting

Temple University

Undergraduates in other disciplines can continue their interest in speech and voice with the Certificate in Voice and Speech For The Actor.
Temple University’s Department of Theater has two master teachers and an associate teacher of the famed Fitzmaurice voice technique.
The Actor’s Certificate in Voice and speech permits a student to continue training alongside professional actors, faculty from Temple’s Department of Theater and Philadelphia’s rich theatre community.

University of Connecticut

UConn Voice & Opera offers students a comprehensive vocal education and many opportunities to perform. UConn Voice & Opera is committed to excellence and provides performances and other shots for undergraduate and graduate students.
UConn Voice & Opera students participate in UConn Opera Theater. This theatre stages operetta and opera from the entire repertoire, opera outreach and opera scenes. Honours recitals are also held. In addition, there are two regular Songfests every year.

DePaul University

Actors can work on stage and screen with the Theatre School’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting (BFA). It produces actors who are creative, skilled, expressive, and vibrantly alive.
Students also receive voice training and classes to improve vocal communication.

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Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University’s Voice Area has a long history of excellence. It aims to help qualified students achieve their career goals in music and voice acting. Voice Area alumni from Texas Tech have gone on to international careers as teachers, singers, choral conductors and voice actors.

University of Nevada

The Department of Theatre and Dance is an artist-scholar collaboration that brings together faculty, staff, and students to reach the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, and outreach to the state and community.
Students can explore all aspects and techniques of performing arts by taking classes, working in studios and gaining hands-on experience behind the scenes and onstage. Students also receive intensive voice training to improve their vocal skills.

University of Washington

The UW Professional Actor Training Program is a three-year conservatory training program. UW trains carefully selected actors for professional roles in theatre, film and television, and new media.
The curriculum focuses on Stanislavski’s time-honoured traditions, practices, and extensive physical training, including Viewpoints, Alexander Technique and Suzuki Method.

Ithaca University

Ithaca College’s nationally recognized BFA in Acting offers the rigorous, highly individualized training of a conservatory within the enriching foundation of a liberal arts education. Students will develop their talents and express their creativity through a variety of performance and classroom experiences.
Ithaca College presents two musicals every year, as well as a dance concert in alternate years. There are also four plays and an operetta. BFA Acting students can audition to start in the first semester. After that, they must audition every subsequent semester.
Students will learn voice training, movement and scene study through this program.

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Texas Christian University

Texas Tech Christian University students take courses in realism and period styles, non-realism as well as acting Shakespeare, stage combats, advanced voice & Speech, advanced voice & speech, and many other subjects.
On average, 12 students take BFA performance classes. Acting and musical theatre students train together in basic performance courses like voice, speech, stage movement, acting, and voice.
TCU’s Theatre department offers a challenging and artistic learning environment that allows students to grow and expand their minds while retaining academic rigour.

What are the requirements to become a voice actor?

Voice acting is a career that doesn’t require any formal education. All you need to get started in voice acting is the will and desire to learn. Although it is possible to be a natural voice actor, regular practice and coaching is the best way to improve your skills. Therefore, it is worth attending voice-over coaching sessions and hiring one.
Online and in-person courses in voice acting are offered. Apart from learning voice techniques, many courses discuss self-promotion and show students how to make a demo.

What is the average time it takes to become a voice actor?

It is not difficult to become a voice actor. It all depends on how committed and determined you are to the course. It will take six months to complete the training. You will need to be disciplined, have the right attitude and skills, and a lot of ambition to become a voice-over artist.
Although it can be difficult at first, it will be well worth it once you get your first job.

What is the Average Salary for a Voice Actor?

Voice actors can earn a variety of income depending on their work, the size of the project, and experience. For example, $35 for a small-market radio spot, $150 for a 15-second recording for a website, $250 to $350 for a 30-second radio commercial in a significant market (plus use fees), to $2000 to $5000 per audiobook if you are a well-known voice talent. The average voice actor earns $31,400 per year, in addition to the bit-by-bit payments. A voice actor who is an entry-level can earn $18,390 per year, while a voice actor with experience can make $90,000.
Important to remember that the annual income of a voice actor can be a personal ball game. In other words, Mr A might earn more than Mr B annually. This depends on the type of job you do. Once you begin building a client base as a voice actor, your earnings will skyrocket.
It would help if you also remembered that many other factors, such as your level of skill, niche talent, auditions submitted, agency listings and personal sales ability, can influence your success. You might find your earnings dropping if you’re not good at what it is you do. It is crucial that you also work hard on your professional advancement.

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Average Salary for Voice Actor

Top 10% of voice actor earn $90,000. The top 25% earn $51,000 or more
Median voice actors are paid $31,400The bottom 25% earn $21,700 or more, while the top 25% earn $21,700 or more

How do voice actors make their money?

You might work as a voice actor on a TV commercial, radio commercial, and then on a cartoon the next day. You might find that a career as a voice actor is a perfect fit for you.
The question now is how voice actors make their living? Voice actors are paid on a contract basis. Voice actors can earn money from radio spots, 15 minutes of recording for websites, podcasts, animations and gaming, short films, animations and narrations.
In most cases, once a contract has been signed, costing is determined by word count and length.
But, it is important to get things moving. In the beginning, it is important to get yourself established in the industry. This can be done by learning the skills required and creating a niche for your business.
You must also stay focused and continue building your network and personal brand. This is a goal-oriented strategy.


Voice acting is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers today. This is especially true when you consider the wide range of clients and flexible work hours, as well as the possibility to work remotely. You must constantly strive to improve your skills to get it right.

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