Pixar Internships Summer Program in USA, 2021

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Pixar Internships provides an exciting internship program designed to give students “hands-on” experiences and the opportunity to interact with our production team uniquely. In addition, this is a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge from professionals in the field.
Pixar Animation Studios, a fully controlled subsidiary that is part of The Walt Disney Company, is an Academy Award(r)-winning film studio that is world-renowned for its technical production, creative and artistic capabilities in the field of computer-generated animation.
Area of the InternshipInternship is available to art interns.
Course Level: Internship
Internship Provider: Pixar
Internships can be completed in the U.S.
Pixar Internships

Eligibility for Pixar Internships Summer Program in USA, 2021:

  • To be considered eligible to be eligible, applicants must
  • Achieve the award of a diploma or certificate in classical film, animation or a related field or within one year of the graduation date
  • It is essential to be available to work full-time Mon through Fri for 12 weeks from June 2021 and August 2021.
  • You are working towards an award or degree in illustration, design, or classical animation within one year from your graduation date.
  • Portfolios must be able to demonstrate which shows the strength of illustration or animation design.
  • A background in art that demonstrates an in-depth comprehension of layout and design and solid craftsmanship
  • Working knowledge of Photoshop vital
  • A well-organized and meticulous person and able to collaborate quickly and efficiently.
  • A positive attitude and a strong work ethic

Pixar Internships Open for International Students:
Are you able to pay for this job? This is a paid internship program. Awards were given: Numbers not given.
Internship Timeline For The 12-week summer Internship, Art Interns will work alongside Mentors and the Art Department and gain invaluable experience in feature films. Interns will be required to perform the following tasks:
Learn more about how to use the Pixar Art process, as in addition to an understanding of the bigger production pipeline
Create design concepts, designs and model packets to be reviewed, revised as well as Production Designer review
Find and gather references that will inspire your ideas and techniques.
Make use of Photoshop and other programs to make design sketches, drawings and diagrams
Other tasks as required
Notification: Not given
How to Apply:
To enter, you will need to submit an online application at

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Deadline for Pixar Internships Applications: Internship application deadline is 3 March 2021, Sunday.

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