List Of Blacklisted Universities In USA In 2022

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Many students want to pursue attending college in The United States. To realize their goal of being admitted to top institutions, they’re already preparing themselves by taking GRE, IELTS TOFEL, and so on, before leaving their home country to be admitted. But what if they’d not done their research properly and applied to universities that are blacklisted.

This is merely the list of fake schools or universities that are blacklisted. We do not have any details on these universities. Therefore, when deciding on your college or university choice, make sure that you don’t apply to these institutions because they are not accredited or have been blacklisted.

This article lists blacklisted universities in USA because they are not accredited to issue diplomas, certificates, or degrees to scholars from any part of the globe, but operate illegally.

What Are Blacklisted Universities

Simply put, this means fake universities. They are operating illegally, and these schools do not have accreditation. They accept students with low profiles and admit students from abroad mostly to make money.

The word “blacklisted university” could be confusing. However, it is utilized by a majority of overseas education agencies especially for blacklisted universities in USA and students to describe schools within the following categories:

  • Universities that have lost their accreditation or don’t have a recognized or trustworthy accreditation
  • Schools that accept students with low or average marks.

How can I tell if I’m dealing with a fake university?

List Of Blacklisted Universities In USA

Many students do not verify an institution’s accreditation status before making an application. This has led to an unintentional “had that I realized” claim from students who have fallen victim to this blacklisted universities in USA and other countries. Here’s how to determine if a university is a fake or an unaccredited college;

1. Universities Accepting Very low Profile Students, No GRE, TOEFL requirements: One of the most typical characteristics of bad schools, or blacklisted universities in USA and other countries, is that they accept students who have a low profile. This includes low test scores or poor academic performance. Some even do not meet the GRE or TOEFL prerequisites.

Some might accept TOEFL and grant admission. For example, if you examine schools that offer admissions to students who scored approximately 50% of their academic work in their undergrad years, and between 10 and 15 backlogs in their academics and scores that are low, like the TOEFL scores of 60 or less or so, it may be a low-profile school that is one of the blacklisted universities in USA and also other countries.

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I’m not trying to generalize here because there is always a chance for exceptions. However, suppose numerous students who fit the abovementioned criteria are granted admissions or I20s.

In that case, you should think about the qualifications of the school; you might be putting yourself in a trap. There is a possibility that the U.S. Dept of State tracks schools that accept students with a low profile, and one day could trigger an attack. Students could be granted visas, but be aware that I.C.E. would be watching the whole process and tracking. You never know when it might explode if the system is used to abuse by University.

2. Universities that do NOT have proper accreditation – Diploma Mills or Degree Mills: A degree mill, also known as a diploma mill, is a school that gives degrees that do not meet the standards and acceptance by an officially recognized organization. The accreditation program is also a subject that needs to be scrutinized with care.

3. Universities that are doing illegal activities by breaking or bending the rules: An illustration to illustrate this can be Tri-Valley State University, which was found guilty of visa fraud. The University was searched by I.C.E. and left around 1555 students in serious trouble.

A similar incident at Herguan University, where C.E.O. was indicted for visa fraud ;such institutions that engage in illegal activities are added to the blacklisted universities in USA.

Another thing to think about is universities that provide C.P.T. right from the beginning, and some are successful in implementing these options; you must be extremely vigilant; even if your school is following the proper procedure to apply for C.P.T, these are the types of schools that can land you into trouble.

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4. Universities that are accredited by Accreditation Mills: An accreditation mill is an organization that gives accreditation to universities, where the accreditation is not recognized by the mainstream education body such as US Dept of Education, Secretary of education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

The typical use of ‘mill’ signifies that it has very low standards similar to “Degree or diploma Mills”. You need to be very careful with the type of accreditation that a school has. You can think of diploma mills are accredited by accreditation mills ;net in net, low standard accreditation given to a low standard school.

That’s why it is critical to check the US Dept of Education website for accreditation status. You can check the full list of unrecognized higher education accreditation organizations.

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How can you be sure that the University you attend is legitimate?

There are three methods to determine if one of the top universities in USA. The three main points to consider are:

  • Accreditation is required for any legitimate college.
  • The operational campus must be in the college.
  • If the college does not supply the information that cannot be relied upon

One of the things that can create a problem for students who want to go abroad to study is identifying blacklisted universities in USA. It is essential to conduct thorough studies on the schools they plan to attend to avoid getting accepted into fake institutions.

Students from abroad must ensure that the school they choose to attend is genuine, or else they could face expulsion.

Since the beginning of the year, about 130 Indian students were arrested at the border of the U.S.A. and deported back to India because of problems with fraudulent student visas. The reason is that they had enrolled themselves into blacklisted universities in USA.

List Of Blacklisted Universities In USA

The U.S. has the most prestigious universities globally that provide high-quality instruction for students from both countries.

However, certain institutions within the U.S. are on of the worst university in the US and are also on the fake university list. This list of blacklisted universities in USA and also the list of fake online universities in USA is endless, but we won’t list all of them.

So some of the fake universities in USA comprise:

Name of university Location
American Global International University Florida
American Global University School of Medicine Ohio
American International University of Management and Technology Hawaii
American Management University California
Cal Southern University Texas
Bettis Christian University Arkansas
Chadwick University Alabama
Dorcas University Hawaii
Frederick Taylor University California
Honolulu university Hawaii
Kentucky Christian University Kentucky
Madison University Mississippi
Pacific International University Missouri
Suffield University Connecticut
Washington International University Pennsylvania
International University for Graduate Studies St. Kitts and Nevis
Georgia Christian University Georgia
LaSalle University Louisiana
Cambridge State University Mississippi
University of Beverly Hills California
Tennessee Christian University Tennessee
American Central University Wyoming
American Century University New Mexico

How Can You Safeguard Yourself From Applying To Blacklisted Universities In USA?

1. Academic requirements

A majority of institutions that are located in America offer competitive nature and are also the best universities in USA for international students. They have acceptable rates and accept applicants according to their academic records, GRE scores, and TOFEL requirements.

Certain universities also offer admission tests. If a college allows students to apply with very few academic requirements, then it is likely to be an institution that is blacklisted universities in USA.

If, for instance, you’re accepted based on low scores or if you have not appeared in the GRE or TOFEL, the chances are you’re in danger.

Be wary of institutions as you could be granted a student visa if they accept international students, but your school might be raided on a certain day, and you could be deported back to the home country.

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2. Accreditation

For a university to be legitimately accredited, it is necessary for every educational institution and program. A variety of organizations can accomplish accreditation of universities and colleges. As of the moment, in the U.S.A., there are around 60 organizations that can do the accreditation.

To determine if the institution or college is accredited by a well-known or not agency, it is possible to verify the certification on the school or college’s website, which is linked to the U.S. Department of Education website.

To learn more, search your school’s name on the site of the accreditation institution to see if it’s there or not. Additional information on accreditation is available at the U.S. Department of Education.

3. Services available to students

Financial aid or scholarships aided by the government can’t be provided to students through the educational establishment if the institution isn’t accredited. If a school selects you solely based on your experiences in the workplace, then steer clear of the school.

It isn’t a reputable one if attendance at classes by students isn’t required. It is illegal for a university to exist without the proper facilities available to students like the library or career services and tutoring.

4. Address of the educational institute

The verification of campus address is essential when searching for a new University or college. Also, look for faculties, classes, and the institution’s facilities. Many scammers trick people by posting attractive campus images on the website. Make sure that the school owns the property.

A way to verify the address on the site is to search for it on Google maps.

One of the most frequently heard stories about the scam perpetrated throughout the United States was regarding one of the blacklisted universities in USA called The University of Farmington. They were on of the worst universities in USA, They had no official address on Google maps other than a P.O. Box number; they had no teacher or classes and were not accredited.

Their primary objective was to take in international students, mostly Indians. Over four years in operations, it was shut down in 2019.

5. Faculty

The faculty members of the institution also determine the authenticity of a school. True universities will provide information regarding the faculty. If the school you are looking to apply to does not offer to disclose any information regarding its faculty members, it’s time to think twice regarding the institution.

You might want to double-check on LinkedIn for the name of the faculty for a fairly new institution to ensure.

6. Well defined curriculum

A school that promises courses completed in less than the normal amount of time required to complete the course is likely to be a blacklisted universities in USA. For example, if the University gives a degree in one year, it’s an omen.

A clear and well-defined program that defines what students are expected to acquire and learn must be defined by the universities.

7. Alumni’s feedback

Most schools located in the United States have alumni’s feedback on their experiences of faculties, education campuses, facilities, campus life, and peers. The responses are available on the website of school. If you can’t find details on the school’s website, think it’s blacklisted universities in USA.

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