How Do I Find Out What I’m Good At?

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Lucy’s confidence has been hit hard. She knows it’s time to move on, but, despite everything she’s done, she can’t see what skills she could use in another role. What do you do when nothing’s becoming clearer?

Steps to How Do I Find Out What I’m Good At?

What’s your background and what’s your current job?

I’m a software developer.
After graduation, I was employed as a software developer in a small-scale company (although my work actually involved more than developing software).
After a couple of years, I was offered a different job in a logistics firm as a web designer. After becoming dissatisfied with my job that I resigned and started my current position.

What do you think of your job?

How Do I Find Out What I'm Good At?

How Do I Find Out What I’m Good At?

I feel like a lonelier.
I was thinking that this position could open the door to many opportunities, but in reality I’m stuck in a job that’s not rewarding or interesting for me.
I’m happy with my salary (although I’m not sure I don’t merit this) and my work location is quite close to home, so my commute is comfortable. I am impressed by the concepts behind the products the company produces, but they’re badly managed and written poorly.
However, I am very uneasy most of the time because I am a unique female in a male-dominated environment. There’s a lot of negative words and negative comments that are disguised as banter. As an example, I’m newly married and earning the same amount as my husband, and it’s extremely frustrating to hear my male colleagues complain about being breadwinners while their spouses “spend all their money on shopping”.
I’ve been in male-dominated settings previously, and they were courteous, respectful professional, and understanding. However, I find conversations too juvenile; in reality, they are a barrier to my colleagues and me.
I don’t relish being at the computer every single day. I don’t want to be an “code monkey” without any real involvement or the chance to offer my ideas to projects. I don’t like waking up each morning and dreading when the day will be over, and returning home every night irritated. It’s not fun to do work that doesn’t pay off or where I do not feel appreciated and communication is not great.
I’m only an information source. I believe that anyone could complete my task as well, or better. This is mostly due to my confidence levels are so low.
I’ve spoken to my manager about my concerns in a professional way, but he’s not capable of making any changes to boost my confidence or help me improve my abilities. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my situation. The conversations we’ve had were quite challenging: he’s been harsh at me, and told him that I’m weak and suggested that I be more confident like I could turn my emotions between off and on.
It makes me feel more strongly that this whole thing is mine to blame.t?

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What would you prefer to do instead?

I’m not certain of the exactly job description I’d prefer, but I do have a few ideas.
I am aware that I would like to have a more interacting role in order to ensure that I am not glued to a screen all day.
I’m not looking for a job that requires me to be knowledgeable about technology or computers. In fact, I would like to be free of this entire realm.
I’d like to collaborate with people who are like me in a friendly and professional atmosphere.
I’d like to work in a position that is fulfilling, enjoyable and fulfilling.
I’d like to demonstrate the impact that my efforts are effective and show how it’s had a significant impact on people’s lives.
I’d prefer to work in a place where people were greeted with good mornings and took the time off their laptops to engage in a chat.
It would be great to have colleagues with similar passions to have conversations about them at times and talk about their families in a positive manner.
And, perhaps most importantly, I’m in need of my confidence restored.

What’s the most difficult obstacle your path?

I’m not sure what I’m skilled at.
I’ve discovered a myriad of possibilities for career paths that appeal to me, however, they’re diverse. I am drawn to things that range from business analysis, to primary school teaching, and even an area where I advocate an active lifestyle.
However, since I’m having difficulty determining my abilities, I’m certain of the best path to take.
And I’m concerned that if I make a mistake I’ll find myself in a position in which I’m not quite adequate enough or it’s totally unfulfilling.
I’ve done a lot of study and have contacted career advisors; I’ve drawn mind maps to figure out my identity and what I’d like to be and have discussed the matter with family and friends (who are extremely helpful). However, nothing’s becoming easier to understand.
I am very confused.
How can I begin to find out what my abilities are?
Are you able to help Lucy?

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  • Are you in the same situation, or do you find yourself in the same boat today?
  • What are your thoughts on how Lucy might be able to advance her shift?
  • Do you know of anyone who she could speak to?


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