Do you know the Highest paying Jobs in South Africa 2021

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
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Are you considering a trip to South Africa for Job Opportunity which could alter your financial fortune? Here are the Highest paying Jobs in South Africa you can do and live the life you want.

Are you considering changing your career path, or are you stuck in a job you don’t like? There is a comprehensive compilation of the top jobs you could choose to apply for while visiting SA (South Africa). According to Salary Explorer, below are the 15 top lucrative jobs available in South Africa as of 2021.

The top 15 Highest paying Jobs in South Africa 2021


In the modern world of medicine, a surgeon can be described as an individual who is a surgeon. Also, surgeons are employed in dentistry, podiatry orthodontics, the field of veterinary medicine. According to estimates, surgeons are involved in more than 300 million surgeries around the world every year.

Doctors and Surgeons Salary from South Africa: ranges from 60,200 ZAR to 177,000 ZAR ($3,938 – $11,579)

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A judge is in charge of court proceedings, either by himself or as part of an apex court of judges. Judges hear all witnesses and other evidence that solicitors or barristers present.

Judges Salary in South Africa: ranges from 50,600 ZAR to 149,000 ZAR ($3,310 – $9,747)

Information Technology Project Manager

A project manager in IT or project manager for information technology is accountable for every aspect of implementing an information technology strategy from conception to completion. In addition, they are responsible for keeping the team in line from the beginning and end of any IT initiative and ensuring that everything is done according to deadlines and within budget. IT Jobs is one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa and even the world at large.

Information Technology Project Manager Salary in South Africa: 46,300 ZAR ($3,028)

Web Security Manager

Web Security Manager Web Security Manager is accountable for developing, implementing, and managing safeguards to meet the security of data and information requirements of the company’s Web presence. In addition, it examines and analyzes the most effective or innovative security measures that can be implemented to improve Web security on systems.

Web Security Manager Salary in South Africa: 42,600 ZAR ($2,786)


An attorney or lawyer is someone who practices law, such as an advocate attorney at law, barrister, barrister-at-law, barrister canonist, canon attorney or civil law notary counsel counselor, solicitor legal executive, or public official making, interpreting, and applying the law, however, not as an attorney, paralegal, or charter executive secretary

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lawyer Salary in South Africa: ranges from 41,000 ZAR to 121,000 ZAR ($2,682 – $7,915)

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers are accountable for providing the highest-quality customers with a superior experience. They plan and manage service representatives, handle the number of new cases received, and report customer behavior changes with other divisions.

Customer Service Manager Salary in South Africa: 41,700 ZAR ($2,728)

Social Media Manager

Social media manager. Social media managers are responsible for representing the company on social media platforms as the only spokesperson for the brand. They reply to feedback, make campaigns, and compile content. In addition, they provide businesses with the direction needed to improve the visibility of their websites.

Social Media Manager Salary in South Africa: 39,400 ZAR ($2,577)

Bank Managers

Bank Managers serve as the intermediaries between their employees and the higher-level executives and managers in the Organization. Bank Managers have to write reports and update higher-level executives of the progress for their branches. They also need to inform the company about changes to bank operations.

Salary for Bank Managers in South Africa: ranges from 38,600 ZAR to 113,000 ZAR ($2,525 to $7,392)


An architect is someone who designs, plans, and oversees the construction process of structures. The term “architecture” refers to the ability to offer services associated with the design of buildings.

Architect Salary in South Africa: 37,100 ZAR ($2,427)

Chief Executive Officers

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can be described as the most senior executive in the company and whose primary responsibility is to make significant corporate decisions, overseeing the entire activities and resources of the company in addition to being the principal point of contact with the directors of the company (the board) and the corporate operations, as well as acting as the face for the company.

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Chief Executive Officer Salary in South Africa: ranges from 36,100 ZAR to 106,000 ZAR ($2,361 to $6,934)

Chief Financial Officers

The salary of Chief Financial Officers in South Africa: ranges from 33,700 ZAR to 99,300 ZAR ($2,204 to $6,496)


Orthodontists Pay for South Africa: ranges from 32,500 ZAR to 95,700 ZAR ($2,126 to $6,260)

College Professors

College Professors and Teacher Salary for South Africa: ranges from 28,900 ZAR to 85,100 ZAR ($1,890 – $5,567)


Pilots Salary is in South Africa: ranges from 24,100 ZAR to 70,900 ZAR ($1,576 to $4,638)

Marketing Directors

Salary of Marketing Directors for South Africa: ranges from 21,700 ZAR to 63,800 ZAR ($1,419 – $4,173)

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