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What made you want to choose to become a physician? If you are the first thing that pops into your head, you will likely choose the right path with programs like Doctors without borders. You may want to consider joining Doctors Without Borders for your job. The benefits of the money and the display of skills aren’t bad options too.

Doctors without borders programs gives you the chance to sharpen your talents and experience in settings that need you the most.

Doctors without borders programs will introduce you to the world of medicine. This will help you appreciate that you have been so dedicated to becoming a doctor since you’ll be in a place where your influence is felt through massive ripples.

This is the most exemplary quality of service that humanity can receive. If you’ve just completed your academic study and are thinking about what to do next, look at what your internship at Doctors Without Borders has provided you with.

About Doctor without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is the world’s largest independent medical relief organization, carrying out and managing medical programs across 72 countries across the globe and also as a global movement comprising 33 offices and organizations.

So, is doctors without borders a nonprofit, absolutely Yes. The mission of the organization is focused on humanitarian and emergency medical relief. The organization is guided by neutrality, independence, and impartiality, as stated within the M.S.F. Charter.

The group implements medical programs in areas without sanitation or health services or where people’s demands overload health systems. The charity provides medical aid to those affected by wars or natural disasters, illness epidemics, malnutrition crises, and other emergencies.

About Doctors without Borders Programs

Interns gain experience in the field and help support activities of the Communications, Development, Program, Human Resources (both for the field and in the office), and executive departments. Interns also get a brief introduction to international human rights and advocacy.

Why Intern with Doctors without Borders Program?

Wondering why take an internship with Doctors Without Borders? The name says it all: you get to work within and without borders.

There are no limits to where your services will be rendered. Doctors without Borders is known worldwide as the most trusted body that posts the best medics all over the world.

MSF does not send interns or volunteers to projects in the field. They can only receive a few interns a year. Usually, we directly contact the academic institutions and/or post our internships offers on this website.

Personal and Professional Benefits of The Doctors without Borders Program

Doctors without Borders Programs

Here are some benefits you will receive when you sign up for an internship program at Doctors Without Borders.

  • You are paid a small amount for your time when you work with Doctors Without Borders. This isn’t the norm for similar organizations.
  • As an intern for Doctors Without Borders, you are protected from all risks associated with any work you’re being assigned to perform.
  • Doctors without borders take responsibility for the travel arrangements you make and costs for services required outside of boundaries.
  • Professionally, you have the possibility of offering your services to people all over the globe. Doctors Without Borders offers services in seventy-two countries around the globe. It is possible to visit three countries needing your assistance, particularly the less developed ones.
  • As a human being who is a doctor, you have the opportunity to provide humanitarian assistance in nations that require you. The human need is at its highest when you complete your work with doctors who do not have boundaries.
  • Doctors without Borders is usually considered the top choice for employment because Doctors without borders is a recognized organization across the globe.
  • As an intern, you will have an opportunity to work alongside experts in your field of expertise. You can learn from experienced and famous doctors who encourage you to be a better person.
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What is the amount Doctors Without Borders gets Paid?

If you complete your work with Doctors Without Borders, you have the chance of being awarded an allowance. You will be paid anywhere from $11 to $15 per hour, depending on your work area.

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How Can One Work with Doctors without Borders?

Are you interested in working for Doctors Without Borders? Do you qualify? Are you able to provide the necessary knowledge and experience? Are you available? If your response to those questions is yes, please send your application.

Their websites in different countries are always updated with information on hiring. Click here.

What Do You Need to Apply for the Doctors Without Borders Program?

To be a part of Doctors without borders programs, each applicant must meet these fundamental prerequisites:

  • Accessibility for at least 9 to twelve months (minimum 8-12 weeks for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and OBGYNs): Because of the degree of responsibility M.S.F. aid employees are expected to take on as well as the length of time required to adjust to a new specific project and the context, and the necessity for continuity between field staff to the benefit of the local staff as well as our patients. Candidates committed to a lifelong career working in the field of humanitarian assistance will be considered.
  • Experience working in a setting with low resources (priority being given to applicants who have prior experience in a context of humanitarian aid): Because M.S.F. is primarily a humanitarian organization working in the developing world and difficult environments, previous experience in a setting with low resources (not necessarily an international one) is essential in all applications. Priority is given to applicants who have worked in a humanitarian setting, which is required for specific profiles. See the individual requirements for each role for more information.
  • At least two years of professional experience: All positions (including doctors) must have a minimum of two years of professional experience before training or during residency. Nurses must have three years of experience in the field post their training.
  • Previous experience in the role of manager, supervisor, or teacher: Most M.S.F. aid employees will hold an administrative or supervisory position in the field. They often spend much time overseeing and training others rather than doing actual work. Experience in supervising and managing, as well as teaching or training others, is a requirement of all applicants to M.S.F.
  • Ability to live and work with an array of people: An M.S.F. team is comprised of members of non-medical and medical experts from diverse cultures and nationalities. Although the rewards are great, it can be difficult to live, work, and interact with people with a culture or language distinct from your own. Your capacity and willingness to be a part of this diversity are vital.
  • The ability to adapt and flexibility: To meet changing requirements in the field, tasks may change rapidly, and job descriptions may change. Security protocols, working environments, and the size and composition of teams can be altered in the course of assignments. Being flexible and adaptable – professionally and personally is crucial for your success on the M.S.F. mission.
  • Computer skills: All M.S.F. aid employees prepare and submit reports, and a lot are involved in collecting data. To be eligible to join M.S.F., you must possess basic computer skills and be comfortable with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). While not required, previous experience with any database software is helpful.
  • The commitment to M.S.F.’s principals: M.S.F. operates independent of any military, political, or religious agenda. Respects the principle of neutrality and offers an impartial and unbiased service based on the need. These principles of operation are outlined in the M.S.F.’s founding Charter. They should resonate with anyone considering applying to M.S.F. M.S.F. operates as an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E.) and is committed to attracting diversifying team members. All eligible applicants can be considered for employment without considering race, age or color, religion, gender or national origin and disability, sexual orientation, or veterans’ status. Please find out more about our behavior obligations and our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • A commitment to practicing equality, inclusion, and respect for diversity are fundamental values connected to our success in fulfilling our social responsibility and providing our patients with the best possible care.
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Top 10 Doctors without Borders Programs

Below are the top Doctors without Borders Programs in 2022:

1. Medical Volunteering Program in Tanzania and Zanzibar

First on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Medical Volunteering Program in Tanzania and Zanzibar. H.I.V AIDS, Malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases are major issues in the developing nation of Tanzania and its affiliated Islands of Zanzibar.

In Zanzibar, however, because of the early marriages in the culture, there is a chance of having pregnancies before birth and teenage births. Fistula is a common occurrence in the islands.

You’ll shadow professionals, helping experts by distributing mosquito nets conducting routine maternity checkups, and suturing wounds. These are among the important services.
As volunteers, you may be required to contribute a minimum of $100 per week to support your well-being in the specified places.

You will receive transportation, decent meals as well as accommodation. You will be staying in Arusha, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

Your criminal-free records and certificates are crucial documents required before you can join the volunteers.

For fun, you’ll participate in organized safaris, enjoy the warm climate of Tanzania, and then swim in the water in Zanzibar. You’ll live with welcoming people with a lovely tradition.


2. Medical Volunteering Program in Thailand

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Medical Volunteering Program in Thailand. Surin awaits your volunteer services. Surin is located in the Northeastern region of Thailand. It is a rural and tranquil area. With a score of 10/10 on Go Overseas, this is one of the ideal places to volunteer.

Nurses are needed in this hospital. Shadows and assistants are also highly appreciated. You will receive guidance from the program coordinator regarding the accommodation you will be staying in and transportation around the town. You will conduct house visits, organize medical camps, and generally perform work as a team.

Beyond your medical school reviews, you also need interpersonal skills and the ability to be a part of a team, even with strangers. You must be at least 18 and be able to stand up to long days of work and treks.


3. Medical Volunteering Program in South Africa

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Medical Volunteering Program in South Africa. The health sector is that it is inaccessible. It is unable to function properly in South Africa. It is constantly understaffed and underfunded.

The majority of the populace comprises poor people who cannot pay for medical care at the expense of the private hospital that is equipped.
Humanitarians should help reduce the urgent demand for medical personnel in dispensaries and public hospitals.

The program is located in Cape Town. From there, volunteers can easily reach the suburbs. There are a variety of volunteer homes in the city where you can be hosted. Be open to sharing your experiences and working with people worldwide.

You’ll manage H.I.V. programs, Malaria programs, carry the vitally needed pediatric medical care, and conduct programs for healthy living.

Suppose you’re 18 years old, having completed medical education in a particular field, and are eligible to apply. You must provide a minimum of two weeks and 24 weeks.


4. Health Dentistry for Kids in Kenya.

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Health Dentistry for Kids in Kenya. Do you enjoy children? What about their tiny, gnarly teeth that give them amazingly adorable smiles? The worldwide Dental Relief program in Kenya offers you the chance to share your knowledge by working with the most in need Kenyan Kids. Kenya has just about 1000 dentists who are certified, serving more than 40 million.

Volunteers help teach children the importance of dental hygiene. 13-18 volunteers are generally accepted per-case basis and are responsible for managing accommodations and transportation across the country. You will provide fluoride treatment and sterilization and assist with keeping records. You are expected to assist at least 500 kids throughout your time in Kenya.

It is also possible to discover the gorgeous Kenyan landscape and scenery. This project is rated with a score of 10/10 from Go Overseas. It is possible to return for another volunteer after three years.


5. Medical Volunteering Program in Peru

On our list of Doctors without borders programs is Medical Volunteering Program in Peru. Do you have a basic understanding of Spanish? Volunteer as a doctor in Peru. Your abilities are vitally required as a medical professional in this emerging country.

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Peru has a significant population of poor people, and you’ll contribute significantly to providing them with the necessary medical care. Many people in Peru die from congenital abnormalities, H.I.V., AIDS, pneumonia, neonatal sepsis, and diarrhea.

You will shadow experts, helping with different procedures and caring for wounds, vaccinations, reading vital signs, and conducting health awareness campaigns. The location will be Cusco for between 2 and 24 weeks.

Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old and with a medical background. Your certificates are required in the application process. E.M.T.s and CANs can also participate in volunteering too.


6. Costa Rica With Maximo Nivel Medical Volunteering

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Costa Rica With Maximo Nivel Medical Volunteering. Maximo Nivel is a reputable organization for medical professionals. It has been rated highly.

As it is a well-respected company, volunteering to be a medic as part of it has a lot of advantages, including professional milestones.

The group ensures that its volunteers are working with professionals and offering their assistance in the amount required. The more experienced you are, the greater your responsibility will be.

The placements are scheduled for between 1 and 5 weeks. It is highly suggested to students eager to gain experience while preparing to find work.

The organization will take care of your accommodations as well as meals. Your travel arrangements.


7. Volunteer Project in Bali With IVHO

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Volunteer Project in Bali With IVHO. Have you visited Ubud? It’s a tiny tourist town with friendly people and stunning surroundings. It is in Indonesia. The volunteer program is located in Ubud.

You may want to begin studying Bahasa If you’re planning to bring your services to Ubud. A few medical professionals and establishments serve the many people living in Ubud.

Your participation in nutrition programs, health education, running health-related campaigns, and participating in the cultural immersion for a week can do your job and yourself a lot of good.

You will receive an excellent hotel and delicious food. The 24/7 support system of the company and personal security are assured. The intakes are scheduled for Mondays and run between two to twelve weeks.

The program has been evaluated at 9.62 with more than 200 ratings on the website Go abroad.


8. Medical Volunteering Program in the Philippines

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Medical Volunteering Program in the Philippines. Rural communities have a lot of trouble without essential services such as medical treatment. The facilities and personnel are typically inadequate. The governments focus on developing the urban areas and neglect rural areas.

The Philippines is among the countries that have inadequately funded and poorly developed clinics in rural areas.

Tacloban city is where your contribution as a medical volunteer will be greatly appreciated and needed. In Tacloban, you’ll be an assistant to various professionals and assist in establishing health camps and educational camps for children, vaccine clinics, and the annual medical mission.

Also, there is an annual checkup of the medical condition for everyone in the population, and it requires several doctors. Do I need to say more? Your assistance is certainly required here.


9. Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Health Students in Ecuador

On our list of Doctors without borders programs is Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Health Students in Ecuador. The Ecuaexperiences group runs the program. The program has a score of 9.72 with more than 231 reviews. The program is based in Ecuador, where you’ll have the opportunity to provide desperately needed medical assistance to those in need.

As a medical student, you will work alongside experts and gain knowledge in the area you are interested in. You’ll be working for a minimum of 60 hours, during which you’ll gain the necessary knowledge that most employers seek.

If you travel with Ecuaexperiences as part of the program you are participating in; your trip cost will be covered by 10 percent, especially when traveling with a companion or two.
Pre-med services are essential in Pre-dental, Biomed, and physiotherapy. To make the most of your trip is the possibility to visit the town of Ecuador.


10. The Mobile Clinic Project in Uganda.

Also on our list of Doctors without borders programs is Mobile Clinic Project in Uganda. Mobile clinics operated through the Samba Foundation offer services to the rural population of Mukono District of Uganda. The areas have such a remote location that there aren’t hospitals or clinics, hence the necessity of mobile clinics. Your volunteer services will have a huge impact in this area.

The job will aid malaria projects, providing medicines, mosquito nets, dressing wounds, and other lifesaving tasks.

With a 100 percent positive review when you travel abroad, you will certainly have the best experience and gain the greatest satisfaction from your career development.

You will provide between 4 and 12 weeks of services, with food and accommodation provided. However, you will take care of your travel costs.


So is doctors without borders good, the answer is absolutely Yes!!! So feel free to apply for these programs now

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