Best Countries to Study in Europe Without IELTS 2022

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Do you know that you can Study in Europe Without IELTS? the article below will give detailed explanation on schools in Europe, you can apply for Study or scholarships without IELTS.  Some fully funded scholarships are also available for International students.

What is IELTS

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English proficiency test specifically designed for non-native English speakers. Candidates could be required to take IELTS to test their English skills in the event of working or migrating or even going to school abroad. The test will be focused on reading, listening, writing, speaking, and speaking abilities.

IELTS is the most well-known English test for competence, having more than 3 million people taking it every year. The test is in more than 10,000 organizations across the globe; IELTS was developed by several of the world’s top test experts in language assessment.

You might be thinking about how you can get ready for your test and be able to pass with top marks! We will go over the best practices and tips for each part of IELTS. Be aware that scores differ based on visa requirements and the place you will work or study. To find out your score, click here.


The education system in Europe reflects the importance of Europe throughout time. The universities and colleges of Europe are a draw for many students looking to go abroad to study. We have listed the top countries to study in Europe, and the best part is that they do not need any TOEFL or IELTS scores. You can also pursue a master’s degree in Europe without the IELTS test. Here is a listing of countries and universities that do not require IELTS studies in Europe.

This is an excellent opportunity for international students to learn at universities in Europe without needing IELTS 2022. Many Universities in Europe do not require IELTS. This is an excellent chance for international students to pursue their studies in Europe without the IELTS requirements. With this scholarship, you can complete your Master’s or PhD. Programs.

A European studying Visa is sometimes referred to as Schengen Visa, and in this total, there are 26 countries included in it. It is an excellent possibility for students to pursue their studies within Europe without the need for the IELTS test. Certain top universities do not require any IELTS scores for these scholarships.

There is a listing of the best European Universities that do not need an IELTS score. The list of countries and universities that do not require IELTS Scores is provided below.

How to Study in Europe Without IELTS?

Yes. It is a Simple Process to Learn in Europe without IELTS. A Complete Guide to Study Without IELTS in Europe for BachelorsMasters, and PhD Degrees Programs. There are many great Countries for you to study in Europe, and the best part is that they do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores. It is possible to pursue a master’s in Europe without the IELTS. Additionally, most new scholarships in Europe are available to international students.

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Europe is home to many of the world’s top frequented countries. The Following Universities of Europe can exempt IELTS or TOEFL Test Scores. This is a Kind of an Interesting Opportunity. Studying in Europe is an Easy and Short Process. There are top Universities in Europe that do not require IELTS Scores to be considered for admission or Scholarships.

A trendy destination for studying abroad, Europe is home to a variety of Universities across the continent that allow students to learn within Europe with or without the IELTS test. Students from all over the globe can take classes at universities in Europe in English. We have listed down the list of countries within Europe which you can go to study without the IELTS. Let us look at universities and countries where you can study within Europe without IELTS is listed below.

Here is a look at how to learn at a university in Europe with no IELTS.

Before we can determine the countries of Europe permit admission with no IELTS, let us look into the process:

    1. Study and select the courses and universities in Europe you would like to attend.
    2. Check out all the universities you have on your list, and then choose the most suitable one for you professionally.
    3. After your profile has been shortlisted, you might be required to attend an interview.
    4. If you pass your video Interview If you pass, you will receive an acceptance letter from the institution you applied to.
    5. The next thing to do will be to pay your tuition for the initial year of your program.
    6. Apply for a Student Visa and fly to your destination.

The following countries within Europe allow students to learn without the IELTS test?


You can take up further education in Finland without IELTS, provided you demonstrate your competence in the Finnish language. It is required to possess English as your first language or your previous academic degree. A course must be offered by a teacher in English at any institution within the EU/EEA or other countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Here are some schools where admissions are permitted without the IELTS, subject to the rules and regulations governing the test in English proficiency.

1) Arcade University

2) LUT University

3) HAMK Hame University of Applied Sciences

4) LAB University of Applied Sciences

5) Helsinki School of Business

6) Hanken School of Economics

7) Metropolia University

8) Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

If you have the right plan and the right course, you will undoubtedly learn at a university in Europe with or without IELTS coming from India.

Study in France without IELTS

The nation renowned for its art, tourism, and culture is one of the top places to learn in Europe. France has a range of English classes in which students do not have to sit for IELTS or other English tests for language. Then, you can purchase a France Student Visa without IELTS. Here are some schools that you can study at in France without IELTS:

Top Universities in France

  1. American Business School, Paris
  2. EBS Paris
  3. EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  4. ESAIP School of Engineers
  5. ESC Rennes School of Business, France
  6. ESGCI, Paris
  7. ESLSCA Business School
  8. IESA International
  9. INSEEC Business School
  10. ISC Paris
  11. NEOMA Business School
  12. Paris School of Business
  13. SKEMA Business School
  14. Toulouse Business School

Additionally, there is a second option to an IELTS score audio/video interviews conducted by universities or evidence of previous studies that have been completed in English. English Language.

Study in Germany with no IELTS

They are the most affordable universities in Europe. However, Germany is also famous for its world-renowned manufacturing and technical schools. German Universities have language pathways programs that allow students to be admitted to German Universities without passing a test for language proficiency.

In order to take English spoken courses at German Universities, the only requirement to demonstrate your proficiency is a medium of instruction letter. This letter is a document issued by your previous institution of study, stating that the most recent training you received was in the English language and that the medium of instruction was English all the time.

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University list in Germany with no IELTS

  1. University of Koblenz and Landau
  2. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  3. Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)
  4. HCI Siegen
  5. Ruhr University Bochum
  6. Freiburg University
  7. University of Bayreuth
  8. University of Bonn
  9. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  10. University of Kassel

Study in Italy without the IELTS test:

The world’s oldest University, Universities in Bologna, Italy’s top student city, Milan is one of the top cities for students to pursue their studies abroad. The this Polytechnic University of Milan is officially the one first in the rankings of the University of Italy. In addition, it offers classes that are offered in English.

If you can prove that the medium used in English in the Bachelor’s program was English, you will be exempt from taking IELTS or TOEFL tests; however, the Bachelor’s course that you took has to be three years or more.

List of universities in Italy, without IELTS

  1. Polytechnic University of Milan
  2. University of Pisa
  3. University of Roma
  4. John Cabot University
  5. Sapienza University of Rome
  6. University of Padua
  7. University of Turin
  8. University of Genoa
  9. University of Trento
  10. University of Naples Federico II

Learn at Belgium in the absence of IELTS

Belgium is a largely unappreciated Study Abroad destination. Brussels is the hub of international connectivity. The University we are discussing, Ghent University, was established in 1817. It is currently ranked 125 and the highest most ranked University around the globe.

The opportunity to study in Belgium with no IELTS is feasible at Ghent University. Ghent University is renowned for its sciences of life and veterinary courses. To demonstrate the validity of your English Language Proficiency, the only evidence required is that you have completed one year of study in which the medium of instruction was English.

University of Belgium without the IELTS test:

  1. Ghent University

Learn the Polish language in Poland without IELTS

In the Jagiellonian University of Poland, one of the most well-known universities in Europe, students can apply for admission if their primary language of instruction during their most recent college course is English.

Poland university list with no IELTS:

  1. Jagiellonian University
  2. Adam Mickiewicz University
  3. Warsaw University of Technology

Study at Sweden without IELTS

Sweden is a fantastic place to pursue study abroad in Europe. It is home to Lund University, the top-ranked institution in Sweden ranks in the world rankings. The exemption to IELTS to be taken in Sweden is dependent on several factors. Indian students will be possible to get Master’s degrees once they have completed their Bachelor’s degree in English. They are eligible to apply for Computer Applications, Engineering, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Information Technology courses. The submission of diplomas and marking sheets are required.

Universities in Sweden like Lund University and Uppsala Universities need IELTS scores. There are, however, certain exceptions for students who have previously taken a course in English.

The top universities in Sweden with no IELTS

  1. Lund University
  2. Uppsala University


Spain is among the most sought-after European educational destinations, providing many enriching academic courses for international students. However, it is necessary to be a native speaker, with evidence of your proficiency in Spanish or have a preparatory class in Spanish and a certificate from an accredited Spanish School of Language and an internationally recognized proficiency certificate in English.

1) Universidad Antonio de Nebrija

2) The University of Salamanca

3) University of Valencia

4) Pablo de Olavide University


For a course that does not require IELTS in Norway, You must have completed your year at any institution located in an English-speaking country, including Ireland, Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, or New Zealand. You could also complete your earlier studies at a university where the primary part of learning was English.

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1) University of Oslo

2) Norwegian University of Science and Technology

3) University of Bergen


You can study without IELTS in Latvia if you are a native speaker of English or have completed secondary/primary/vocational/higher education in English or studied as full-me students in countries with English as the official language for at least one year with certification of English proficiency. People who do not have English scores must attend English classes offered by Latvia University.

1) University of Liepaja

2) Riga Technical University

3) University of Latvia

4) Riga Stradins University

5) Daugavpils University

6) Ventspils University College


It is possible to learn with or without IELTS in Denmark as long as you can prove proof of your proficiency in English at least the intermediate stage. Many universities in Denmark also accept students from English-speaking countries or have earned their Bachelor’s degrees in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK. These are the institutions where you can take a course without the IELTS, but proof of your native proficiency is required under the institution’s guidelines.


2) Metropol University

3) Aarhus University

4) Vejle Business College

5) University of Copenhagen.

6) KEA College

Why Study in Europe?

Here are a few reasons why you should look into taking a course in Europe:

  1. Make sure your career gets a significant boost by gaining global experience. There is increasing importance to getting jobs with the top corporates and firms in recent times. The study in Europe can naturally enhance your resume and increase the scope of your career and potential. However, should you be granted an employment visa post-study, you can stay and search for jobs in the global market in the country you prefer.
  2. High-quality research and education qualifications Europe hosts a variety of top universities in the world. Your degree will be recognized internationally. Recognition and acknowledgement, while top-quality academic facilities and research infrastructure are the other benefits of studying in Europe.
  3. Numerous educational options many educational options Europe has a variety of universities that offer a variety of studies and courses across all fields of study! There are more choices when you study in Europe.
  4. The cost of tuition is reasonable compared to a variety of countries like those in the USA, UK, and other countries; tuition fees are reasonably priced in a variety of European countries. In certain countries, such as Germany, tuition fees are not paid! Numerous scholarships are available to international students, too.
  5. Travelling Perks when, you study in Europe will allow you to travel and explore more countries throughout your time. Bus, train and flight connections connect you to many nations in less time. Non-European citizens can obtain students visas to visit this Schengen Area and all its countries.
  6. Excellent higher education system It is possible to study in English regardless of whether you attempt to learn a different foreign language. The Bologna reforms have also created an extraordinarily aligned and high-quality educational system for higher learning. The academic frameworks are comparable, which means that the legitimacy of your diplomas cannot be doubted.

You can always count on seeing a significant boost in your professional and academic prospects when you are studying in Europe.


It is also possible to apply to an excellent university in Europe without having this admission. However, you need to be able to demonstrate acceptable English proficiency. In the first place, one must be able to comprehend and communicate in English to be an interpreter. In the event of a program to be studied and tested in English, the student must understand the language in one form or another. To assess this, universities offer videos and audio interviews. They also provide previous studies on English or MOI and occasionally the foundation courses designed for non-natives to improve their language proficiency. Alongside these, numerous short courses across Europe offer different language requirements.

  1. You can pursue studies outside of EU countries that do not have IELTS or TOEFL if you demonstrate ability in the English language through other methods.
  2. You must have completed your education in the English language within the last five studies, and English should have been your primary language at your IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or the Ordinary (O) Grade.
  3. You must have demonstrated an ability to communicate in English in your previous education being conducted entirely in English.
  4. You are seeking further study at the same University abroad from which you received your first diploma.
  5. You have a diploma that was only given in English.

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