Apply Now: Top 10 Scholarships for EdD Programs in 2022/2023

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Earning a Ph.D. in Education or an EdD can be costly. These scholarships for EdB programs makes it affordable and easy. A Doctor of Education (EdD), which can help you develop your skills as an educator, may help you to grow your career. A doctorate in Education is the highest degree you can get.

Four to six years of graduate studies are required for a doctorate in Education. Most people will earn a master’s degree in Education before pursuing a doctorate. Doctoral students must choose a specialization as their first step.

Next, you must complete advanced coursework, internships and comprehensive exams. Finally, you will need to do dissertation research. Ph.D. programs are more focused on research than EdD programs.

These are ten outstanding scholarships for EdD programs. These scholarships come from many sources, all intending to help educate leaders.

What Are Some Other Sources of Funding for My Doctoral Degree?

Your best option is the federal government. This article will focus on third-party scholarships for edD programs. Federal student aid is minimal for doctoral degrees. Doctoral students often receive federal student aid to support research.

You might find a list of available funding in your doctoral program. Research grants are often a source of financial assistance at this level. This is the primary source of funding from the government at this level. Sometimes, research assistantships can be found through your school.

If your doctorate is not focused on research, these grants can be used to help pay for living expenses. It is an excellent idea to inquire with your school about research grants and other financial support. Higher Education is more difficult to get financial aid.

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Applying to teach at the school where you want to study is one of the best ways to finance your doctorate. This is an excellent option if you already have a master’s in Education.

If you are a teacher in the same school of Education, you may be eligible for discounted or free tuition to pursue your doctorate. If you have a master’s, it is possible to teach undergraduate students. This is your best option, as financial aid can be challenging.

Tuition for a Doctorate in Education Program

The cost of an EdD program to earn a Doctor of Education can vary depending on many factors, such as your school of choice, where you live, the school’s private or public status, and other factors. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), private tuition for nonprofit schools tends to be more expensive than private for-profit school tuition. It is generally more expensive than public school tuition.

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There are many ways students can pay for their EdD education. Some EdD programs offer stipends through assistantships. You may also have financial aid options such as grants. These funds are available to students based on their financial needs.

EdD scholarships are also available depending on financial need, achievements, and other factors. You can use this guide to learn more about scholarship and grant options for EdD students.

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So now let’s list the cheapest doctoral programs in education scholarship for 2022/2023.

Top Scholarships For EdD Programs

Top 10 Scholarships for EdD Program (1)

Below are the top 10 scholarships for EdD programs in 2022/2023. These scholarship will work with the cheapest ed.d online program or affordable edd programs online:

1. Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship

Deadline: June 1st

First on our list scholarships for EdD programs is Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship. To support PDK members, Phi Delta Kappa International offers a Donald H. and Verna S. Duncan Fellowship. Full-time enrollment in an accredited educational leadership program is required. The program must be at the master’s level or higher. Candidates must plan to become school administrators in elementary, secondary or university public schools. Two letters of recommendation and a position paper are required for all applications.

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2. Education Pioneers Fellowship Program

Deadline: February 12th

The Education Pioneers Fellowship Program has helped over 3,000 teachers. Students must pursue an MEd, Ph.D. or EdD that focuses on student development. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree. They must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. university and have at least two years of teaching experience. Finalists must meet with an EP staff member in person or by phone.


3. Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant

Deadline: March 1st

Also on our list scholarships for EdD programs is Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant. A generous bequest created Esther Katz Rozen Fund Grant. The American Psychological Association administers it. The grant is up to $50,000 annually. The grant is available to Ph.D. students interested in Education for gifted and talented kids. Education, child psychology, or school psychology are all eligible majors. The abstract, methodology, budget and approval from the IRB must all be included in research proposals.


4. A. Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship

Deadline: April 18th

Every year, the A. Harry Passow Classroom Teachers Scholarship is presented. The National Association for Gifted Children administers the award. Two licensed K-12 educators studying gifted Education at the doctoral or master’s level will be awarded this scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to two K-12 educators who have demonstrated excellence in teaching gifted students in diverse classrooms. All applications must include two letters of recommendation, proof of enrollment, and a resume.


5. AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

Deadline: November 2nd

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) offers the $20,000 Minority Dissertation Fellowship. This scholarship is available to students of color from Black, Indigenous, Asian and Hispanic backgrounds. The U.S. doctoral student must have started their dissertation on an educational research topic. Examples of topics include STEM development and high-stakes testing. Curriculum design is also an option. Bullying is another example. Fellows can present their research at AERA Annual Meeting.


6. Antonio Cirino Memorial Art Education Award

Deadline: April 29th

The Antonio Cirino Memorial Art Education Award is $2,000 to $12,000. The Rhode Island Foundation awards scholarships to artists pursuing a master’s or doctorate in art education.

The scholarship is awarded to artists who intend to teach at the undergraduate, graduate, and K-12 levels. The applicant must reside in Rhode Island and have financial needs. They must be involved in the arts community and submit five examples of their artwork. The Rhode Island School of Design is not eligible.

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7. Carmelita K. Williams Graduate Scholarship

Deadline: December 15th

Also on our list scholarships for EdD programs is Carmelita K. Williams Graduate Scholarship. To honor the former president of the IRA, the Carmelita K. Wils Graduate Scholarship was established. The Virginia State Reading Association awards the $2,500 scholarship. The Virginia State Reading Association awards the $2,500 scholarship to students enrolled in graduate or doctoral-level reading education programs.

Eligible applicants must be VSRA members for at least one year. They must be licensed teachers in their state. They must be able to teach reading in K-12 schools. They must also seek endorsements in reading and demonstrate professionalism.


8. Ruth Crymes TESOL Fellowship for Graduate Study

Deadline: November 1st

Students can receive $1,500 from the Ruth Crymes Fellowship in TESOL to pay for their Education. This fellowship is only for members of TESOL International. The fellowship is only for members of the TESOL International Association. This award is intended to support ELL-related research. The 1,250-word project proposal must be included in all applications. Students must submit a letter of recommendation and a brief personal statement.


9. STEM Teachers for America’s Future Scholarship

Deadline: April 22nd

The AFCEA Educational Foundation awards the STEM Teachers for America’s Future Scholarship. Each year, $2,500 to $5,000 is awarded. Eligible students must pursue a master’s or specialist degree in teaching STEM subjects in K-12 schools. The candidates must be U.S. citizens and attend an accredited college. Students must complete at least two-semester classes and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5.


10. Women in Geographic Education Scholarship

Deadline: February 1st

Finally on our list scholarships for EdD programs is Carmelita K. Williams Graduate Scholarship. This dr education online scholaeship offers the Women in Geographic Education Scholarship. The NCGE offers a $1,000 scholarship to women who are studying for a master’s degree or doctoral degree in geography education.

Recipients must plan to teach at the secondary and higher education levels. The college must be accredited in the United States. They must have at least nine credits of geography graduate work and a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.5. Two letters of recommendation will be required from the applicants..



There is one thing all doctoral candidates share, regardless of whether they are studying curriculum design, literacy, business education, school administration or TESOL. It is financially draining to dedicate four years to a Ph.D. or EdD program without a full-time teaching job.

Graduate assistantships are a great way to save tuition and improve your teaching skills at college. Gift aid will be provided through scholarships and fellowships to reduce student loan debt. These great doctoral scholarships in Education will help you fund your degree and make your career as a teacher leader.

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