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The Stars Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to academically talented and motivated students who plan for full-time undergraduate or graduate or doctoral degrees at any recognized institution or University of their choice.

Stars online scholarships Fund recipients represent all levels of higher learning and every field of study. Students of any gender, race, religion, or background can be eligible for the scholarship.

Each application is scrutinized to determine eligibility and is scored based on quantitative data gathered from application documents. Please read the content of this article.

About Stars Scholarship

The Stars Online Scholarship Fund is an income-based company headquartered in McAllen, Texas.

Stars offer a variety of scholarships for college students from South and West Texas who’re working toward getting a degree at a recognized college or University.

Stars Scholarship Fund is a non-income organization that aims to increase accessibility to and accomplishment in the higher education system to all students in college within the community.

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The company is based in McAllen, Texas; Stars offers scholarships to college students from the west and south Texas who are determined to earn the required degree at an accredited institution of higher learning or a college.

Stars online scholarships Fund envisions a community where everyone can reach their maximum potential through collaboration and achieving success in higher education.

The stars online scholarships Fund sees higher education to bring about qualitative changes.

A community that recognizes the importance of higher education ensures that the doors to postsecondary possibility are available to anyone who want to be successful, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity, past, or lack of resources.

The motivation behind the Star award is to provide scholarships to university students who have demonstrated a passion for science or engineering.

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Types of Stars Scholarship

Three distinct types stars online scholarships are available to applicants.

1. Undergraduate full-time: 

This award is for students who are likely to attend the next semester in an undergraduate program and seek a Bachelor’s degree.

You must complete your studies full-time for each term.

2. Community college

The scholarship is intended for students taking classes at a Community college during the upcoming semester and is either full-time or part-time.

They determine full-time or part-time status based on the verification of enrollment of recipients.

Part-time college students earn half of the award, while full-time students receive the total award.

3. Graduate full-time: 

This scholarship is available to those likely to attend the next academic year and is looking for a Master’s degree or Law degree and Doctorate.

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It would help if you remained a full-time college student each semester.

Host Nationality

The  scholarship holds in the USA.

Eligible Nationalities:

The scholarship is explicitly intended for United States students looking to pursue a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited university or college they choose.

How Much is the Stars Online Scholarships worth

Stars offer scholarships that range from $350-$10,000. They determine the amount based on the college or University that you’re attending.

Stars aim to ensure that students who wish to go to a University can attend one.

The Stars Scholarship Fund can even offer scholarships to universities, such as when awarded an award of $100,000 towards Texas A&M International University.

Application Criteria for Stars Online Scholarships

Stars Online Scholarships

Before applying for a Stars award, there are various qualifications you need to meet:

  • The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident. It is also necessary to be a five-year permanent resident of one of the 30 counties in South or West Texas.
  • You must have earned your High School diploma or its equivalent before the academic year begins in the autumn.
  • Before applying for the scholarship, you must attain or complete the minimum requirement of 12 undergraduate credits at a U.S.-recognized college or University.

It is recommended to have a university GPA of at the minimum of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.

It is also required that you be registered at one of these schools programs:

  • Two-year community college (part-time or full-time) seeking a degree
  • Four-year college undergraduate degree (full-time) seeking a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The graduate program at the University (full-time) seeking a Master’s, Law diploma, or Doctorate
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Stars Scholarship recipients selection method

Star examines each application as well as the accompanying documents. They load all the records into their system and give each user a score.

The evaluation is based on quantitative data, including GPA and hours, worked.

Stars will then create the first list of recipients and contact their schools to monitor their academic progress and financial needs.

Stars Scholarship Application Date And Deadline:

This 2022-2023 Stars Scholarship application process to study in USA begins the 1st of January, 2022, and ends the 31st of March, 2022, at 5 pm CST.

For more details about the scholarship, visit the scholarship’s official website


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