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The Ministry of Education is providing the Moe pre university scholarship. to Singaporean students. The scholarships are offered to students who want to pursue English Language and Linguistics, Humanities, and the demanding music and Art program at H2 and H3 levels.

The Ministry of Education aims to assist students in discovering their unique talents, enabling them to maximize those talents to reach their maximum potential and cultivate an enthusiasm for learning that will last throughout their lives.

The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from Pre-University 1 who have achieved exceptional academic performance and outstanding results in co-curricular and other pursuits.

The award is valid for two years. The award provides an annual allowance of $750 and school fees determined by Singapore Citizen’s rates minus any subsidies, subjected to an annual limit of $2,400 if the student meets renewal requirements.

Brief Description Of Moe Pre University Scholarship

  • Courses Level The scholarship is offered at the pre-university level.
  • Course Subjects: English Language and Linguistics Humanities and the strict Music and Art programme.
  • The scholarship is available in Singapore.
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Benefits Of Moe Pre University Scholarship

moe pre university scholarship (1)

The scholarship is awarded through the Ministry of Education to top students who have achieved exceptional academic achievements and achieved outstanding results in co-curricular or other pursuits. The award is a sum of $750 per calendar year. It also covers school costs based on Singapore Citizens’ rates less any subsidy, with a maximum annual cap of $2400.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For a Moe Pre University Scholarship?

There are numerous categories of students eligible to receive a moe pre university scholarship. If you’re a graduate Junior College/Polytechnic student or an undergraduate who is enrolled in completing your degree, This is the best scholarship to choose. Be sure to verify the criteria of every scholarship you’re looking for.

Typically, moe pre university scholarship are awarded to exceptional students with good academics, proven leadership skills and superior abilities, excellent civic engagement, sportsmanship and many more.

Therefore, a major aspect of receiving a moe pre university scholarship is to make sure that you prove to your scholarship recipients that you’re worthy of it.

They’re also not restricted by specific fields of study. Below are the eligibility requirements for the moe pre university scholarship.

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Eligibility For Moe Pre University Scholarship

Singapore Citizens, or non-Citizens with at least 1 parent who is a Singapore Citizen, who:

  • Do well consistently at school, and achieve an average score of 8 minimum (without bonuses points deducted) for your GCE O-Level examinations for English and Higher Mother Tongue, or Mother Tongue and five relevant subjects in the admissions criteria for Pre-University, or equivalent based on their school’s internal evaluation.
  • Achieve a high co-curricular record.
  • Maintain a good record for conduct.
  • Scholarship recipients cannot concurrently receive any other MOE scholarship, except for those offered by the Edusave scholarships specifically for Independent Schools (ESIS).
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How to  Apply

  • The student’s application must be accompanied by authentic, certified duplicates of these documents.
  • Birth Certificate/Proof that parent’s Singapore Citizenship Status
  • CCA records starting at sec 1 until Sec
  • Student testimonials from secondary schools
  • A recent passport-sized photo must be pasted into the space on the front of the form for application.
  • Entry Requirements: Have done consistently at school and have an average of not more than 8 points on their GCE O-Level Examination. The IP school’s internal evaluation states that English plus High Mother Tongue or Mother Tongue + 5 subjects or equivalents.

For More Details On How To Apply CLICK HERE

When To Apply:

  • For IP students: Application for 2023 cycle will start in mid-October 2022.
  • For all other students: Application for 2023 cycle will start in mid-Jan 2023.

Selection For Moe Pre University Scholarship Interview

If you’re enrolled in participating in the Integrated Program, your school will be the one to nominate you for the Moe pre u scholarship interview questions, which begins in the early part of March.

If you’re not enrolled in the Integrated Program, you will be invited to the interview for scholarship selection by your GCE O-Level examination results. Interviews begin in April.

Announcement of results

Successful candidates will be informed in August.

For more Information, Visit Official Website

For any other inquiries, please get in touch with them via MOE_LS@moe.gov.sg.

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