25 Things Poor People Do that Rich Don’t

by Adanlawo Opeyemi
10 minutes read

25 Things Poor People Do that Rich Don’t : The majority of people will place their money in the bank or safe investment portfolios. Few people will withdraw their money and create products or services for people who have lots of money. Few will be able to continue making money. The majority of people will search for the perfect car, home, or the latest gadget.
We’ll likely return to where it was in five to ten more years. Maybe a little worse, because there will be more people who are poor and have inflated egos. This is the key point: if you don’t change your mind, nothing will change.
Let’s now look at 25 things poor people do that rich don’t. You are welcome to After School Africa if you’re new. Are you looking to become wiser?

25 Things Poor People Do that Rich Don’t

1. They don’t get the Game.

What is the game? The game of numbers. Poor people complain that entertainers make so much, while hardworking teachers get miserable wages. They don’t realize that numbers attract wealth. Your earnings are directly proportional to the number of people that you serve in society.

2.Inadequacy of a Value Systems

Values are an essential part of life. They guide, navigate, and drive fulfilment. Without positive character and values, a person is truly poor. A man without values is like an unguided ship that is being tossed about by the wind. He has no sense of purpose.

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3.No birth control

Children need to have access to quality healthcare, good education and decent clothing. Unfortunately, these things require a lot of money. Ironically, while poor people can have children without any restraints, wealthy people tend to be more careful about having fewer children. This is how poverty perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

4. Flawed Priorities

Everyone has priorities. People choose what they do with their time according to their preferences. For example, poor people prioritise based on emotion and what is easiest for them, while wealthy people prioritize based on what’s most important.

5. Ineffective Time Management

Robert Kiyosaki is a renowned writer and financial advisor. “The only thing that makes a person rich or poor is the way they spend their time.” Time is the greatest enemy of the poor. He realizes in his later years that he was wasting his time. The wealthy understand the importance of time management and pay others to manage less important tasks.

6. They lack motivation

Motivation is derived from the word “motive”. Motive is derived from the verb ‘to move. Motivated people move when they have a reason. This is moving to accomplish a purpose. Poor people don’t have the motivation to make intentional moves or make sacrifices. To be successful, you have to start with why.

7. They work only for money.

A job is essential for the average person to be able to pay their bills and live comfortably. Successful people learn from their job.

8. Insufficient Strategic Investment 

Poor people aren’t likely to invest in assets that produce returns or appreciate. They don’t invest in real estate, properties, businesses, or people. They believe God will provide and that tomorrow will be taken care of by Him. Wealthy people invest in assets that increase in value.

9. You can’t run without a budget.

Poor people aren’t planners. They aren’t financially responsible and manage their finances without any financial planning. The rich shouldn’t encourage this lack of financial accountability. The wealthy don’t make impulse purchases; any financial transaction or commitment must be recorded.

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10. They depend on their willpower.

Did you ever feel a rush of energy to get started? Did you ever feel that surge of energy to create something? It is unlikely. Succession requires that you can use your Will Power and good intentions. They rely on systems, habits and routines to keep them going. Poor people rely on their willpower and wonder why they can’t stick with random decisions.

11. Lack of self-development

Jim Rohn says again: “Formal education won’t make you a living; self-education will.”  They think that reading that book, taking the course, or working with a mentor is a waste of time and money. The rich continue to invest their knowledge.

12. Not Taking Calculated Risk

Life is a game, and those who take on more risks make their lives worthwhile. The average poor person is scared to take a chance. He prefers to stay in his comfort zone. However, the wealthy are more willing to do the impossible for their dreams and reach the top.

13. Always playing the Blame Game.

Poor people are not able to take full responsibility. Poor people quickly blame their parents, the government or their ‘village people’ for all their problems. They will refuse to take on any responsibility, even if it is work.

14. Bad Savings Culture

There are many ups and downs in life. One must be prepared to save a significant amount for emergencies. Because they don’t have much to fall back on, poor people often find themselves at the mercy of others in difficult times.

15. A carefree attitude towards their health

Wealth is health and should be taken seriously. However, many poor people don’t take their health seriously. To avoid good health, they would prefer to take shortcuts. They will buy medicines from hawkers, eat uncoordinated, delay treatment, and other examples. It ends up costing them more.

16. Keep the Wrong Company

Poor people love to be in their comfort zone, so they surround themselves with superior people or have the same mental abilities as them. Protecting one’s ego is more important for the poor than accepting ignorance. Rich people, on the other side, surround themselves with more intelligent people.

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17. They watch too much television.

T.V. is fine, but too much T.V can be a problem. Too much T.V. doesn’t improve the status of the poor, but it does steal their time. On the other side, the wealthy have chosen how much time they spend watching T.V. In most cases; they don’t even watch it at all.

18. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Sometimes, problems and obstacles can be disguised as opportunities. Poor people at all costs should avoid problems and obstacles. They will turn down the chance to learn and grow by running away from a problem.

19. They bank on their wishes and luck.

With the new gambling establishments opening every day, the rate of gambling is alarming. This rapid rise in gambling speaks volumes about society’s poor who prefer to gamble rather than invest. They believe in luck, but wishful thinking is not a way to achieve great success.

20. Giving Room for Pessimism

What happens if it fails? What if it doesn’t work? Poor people are filled with negative what-ifs. They don’t ask alternative questions. What if I succeed? It might work. This is how the wealthy think.

21. Lack of Vision


Many poor people lack direction. They don’t know where they are going or how to get there. They don’t realize that life is planned. It is possible to get out of life what you ask for.

22. Lack of Focus

A concentrated effort is required to accomplish anything worthwhile. It takes determination to succeed Follow ONe COurse Until Successful. This is not something that most people with low incomes possess. This is too much to expect of them. They will rather hop from one scheme to another, looking for quick gratification. You can’t do anything worth your while focusing on just one thing.

23. They give up too fast.

Most poor people lack tenacity. They tend to lose sight of their goals. They aren’t willing to go the extra mile, whether it is in pursuing their dreams, building a business or making life-changing decisions.

24. They are master procrastinators.

Everybody procrastinates. Some people are master procrastinators. They wait for the right time or opportunity. They believe that the right time to do something is in the future, not now. They don’t do anything because the future is never here.

25. They fear change

To quote Thomas Jefferson, an ex-American President, “If your goal is to have something you’ve never had,” It requires accepting that you are wrong and agreeing to change. Most people prefer to be right, which is why many people are poor.
Yes, there are many poor people living in situations beyond their control. But, the majority of people who watch this video can change their lives if they are willing to accept responsibility for their own lives.
Which one of these habits do you want to improve? Please comment below, your own view on the subject topic: 25 Things Poor People Do that Rich Don’t.

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